Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Will I Fail the Test!!! Hope not! I need to go to the fabric store!!

Did you know if you have a green card your driving licence is only valid for 5 years in the US?  Neither did I!!!!!  Yup silly me, I thought like everyone else I would have my licence for 65 years.  I have since become a US citizen but was never once told during the processes that I should go and update my licence .... so guess who's license expired!!!!  Nooooooooooooo

Guess who has to take the whole test again?! Yup written & driving!!!  

So since Monday I have been cramming like crazing doing as many written tests as I can find .. 

..... will be out doing parallel parking this afternoon (oh how I love America's big parking lots .... do you know I haven't had to parallel park in 8 years!!!!) 

SO please wish me luck!!!! As my test (along with a bunch of 16 year olds) is tomorrow!! eeek!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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