Tuesday, April 24, 2012

T Rex and Brontosaurus Dinosaur Sewing Patterns All Finished

T Rex and brontosaurus dinosaur sewing pattern
My Dinosaur friends are ever so kawaii cute and have lots of fun together ...  These two are from my New ‘Sew Easy’ Starter Patterns sewing line and are perfect for beginners to learn basic softie sewing skills and are fabulous for experienced sewers to whip up and de-stash!
dino t_rex dinosaur sewing pattern
Ooowwww look at my sharp teeth! Gerrrrrrr I need some meat!
brontosaurus dinosaur sewing pattern easy
Ooww no meat for me! I love leaves :)

dino t_rex dinosaur sewing patterns

But what they both love are ....... hugs!

My Brontosaurus Sewing Pattern can be found here in my

And my T Rex Dinosaur Sewing Pattern can be found here in my 

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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