Sunday, May 27, 2012

Facebook Notifications, Updates, Tags, Debunked & How To 2012

Facebook How to get updates

Let me just say straight away – you do NOT have to PAY to make sure your posts/status updates etc reach your fans on Facebook … neither do your fans have to pay to receive them. This is a Hoax.

 Where are my notifications? How did I miss your last pattern release!!??!! 

Facebook has a mathematical algorithm it uses to determine what you ‘Like’ …. So this means if you are not a chatty person, you don’t ‘like’, click or comment on posts it starts removing them from your stream ….. and sometimes cuts all posts from that page out all together. Not good for those of us who only like to read and look and smile and get ideas …..

 What!!! How can I fix this?! 

Don’t worry … follow this simple step and you can still stay a part of our lovely Dolls And Daydreams Sewing community without having to suddenly click on everything! Simply go to my page .. click on the like button again (or hover over it) and a drop down menu will appear … click on the ‘Show in Newsfeed’ and make sure a little Tick is checked next to it (See big red arrows above). Done! Yup it’s that easy!

I haven’t been able to tag you for ages! 

Don’t worry it's all fixed! As a Fan Page it needs to be set to Brands/Products for others to be able to Tag you.  Simply like my page (make sure I’m in your News feed ;) ) and then whenever you pop a photo up.

  • Method 1 Simply write the @ symbol followed by my name. A drop down menu will appear or my name will come up highlighted … click and that's it! 
  • Method 2 Click your tag button & hover over the photo click to tag and type my name in! 

How come you didn't get notified about my Tag? 

Unfortunately BIG changes have happened to Facebook and I am no longer getting notified when tagged in posts or photos. However some are showing up in my photo section so I’m checking there regularly.

How can I make sure you see my wonderful creation? 

I want to see them!!! Please post them directly to my Facebook page!!!!

How do I get featured on your blog or Main Facebook wall? 

Simply post your fabulous doll & softie photos to my Facebook wall!!!

Is it true I have to now pay for you to see my posts/tags/updates etc? 

No. This is hoax that has been around for ages! It started with a - Facebook is going to charge everyone to be a member now - post a couple of years ago.   FB is not going to charge you as its business model is based on it staying free. It then sells ‘advertising’ to business. If it charges us it will lose its customer base …. Think about how much money is spent by thousands of BIG companies around the world everyday … compared to the chicken scratch they can get from each member.

 So why all this chatter … well it’s being fueled by the true fact that Facebook is testing a new ‘advertising’ idea which is totally OPTIONAL … and only in its test phase to a very small number of people. It will essentially allow you to highlight a specific post/update for a couple of bucks. This would be very worthwhile to large companies that are competing for marketing opportunities but for the average joe … not so much .. unless you think it important that everyone & there friends knows  ‘Little Johnny Just got an A on his 1st Grade exam’ ….

As long as your fans, friend, family have checked the ‘Show in your News Feed’ button .. you’ll be golden. They will get all your updates.  Remember everyone has a life outside of FB & they might have missed it or chosen to ignore it ;)

As for tagging notifications … it’s an ongoing issues and I hope to get to the bottom of it asap.

Phew that was long, but I hope it helps! Quick! Run to your computer, update your News feed and post as many photos of your fabulous creations to my wall as I have missed seeing them soooooo much!

UPDATE: (Please know if you have tagged me and never received a comment under the photo – yes I really do drop by and comment under everyone!!! – I’m not ignoring you …. I never got the notification! PLEASE post ALL photos you’d like me to see to my Facebook Wall! Hugs & Happy Sewing Everyone xxx)

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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