Thursday, May 31, 2012

Royal Jubilee Dolls - so beautiful they make me home sick!

titches and stitches uk 

The Queen and her Royal Guardsman here informed me that they too shall miss me ... I mean ... when one has a party, one wants all the fabulous people there, doesn't one! Sorry Queeny .. do forgive me! I'll miss you too!

Joking aside .. aren't they brilliant!! They made by the wonderful Titches and Stitches using my Mary Antoinette pattern (and people still can't believe why on earth I would allow other to alter my patterns ... this is why!! Why stifle this kind of creative talent! I love it!)  

Right lets see who else is going .... 
iDesignDiva 2
by iDesignDiva UK  
From Divas ..... 

Sew BeautiBelle 'Rosie'
by Sew BeautiBelle UK

to Ladies ..... 

jubilee boy
by Titches & Stitches UK

 .... From Lads...
Kate Creations
by Kate Creations UK

 to Chaps (who fancy themselves as Eddy the Eagle ('cor blimey am I showing my age!)

Pipers Cuddles
by Pipers Cuddles UK

 Eagle ... no no I meant Owl!!! Isn't he adorable ... but wait .....

Pipers Cuddles Jubilee owl 2
by Pipers Cuddles UK

 Yup .. he has a sister .. went to a British boarding school don't ya know ....

Mrs H Makes UK fab
by Mrs H Makes UK

 All the cool kids will be there ..

Mummy's Little Fairies Jubilee doll
by Mummy's Little Fairies UK

Mrs H Makes
by Mrs H Makes UK    

 Princess .....  just look at those pants!! (Panties to my US friends :) )

by BubbaBows AU

 and Queens ...

Nichola Jubilee 1
by iDesignDiva UK

 ... Royalty love to glam up don't they!

~Alfie Snugglers~ 3
by ~Alfie Snugglers~ UK

 And you know the British Military loves a good Jubilee party too! 

 Thank you all for sharing your wondered finished dolls with me!! I'm homesick, but oh so happy! 

 Please post your photos to my Facebook Wall or e-mail them to me if you'd like a chance to be featured on my blog or Facebook main page!!!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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