Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Selling handmade children's toys in UK & EU? Are you CE certified yet?

For all my lovely ladies making and selling dolls in the UK & EU there are new rules ... yup you need to be CE Certified. But don't worry there is a wonderful group the 'CE self certification support page' on facebook! They have brilliant logical information for you all, and make it all sooo less stressful. In fact those I have talked to have been able to do it all themselves and are already up and running again.

So please pop on over and take the worrying away ... so that you can start dolly making again today! Wow that rhymed ... hmm I must have been singing to many nursery rhymes this week hahaha

Oh and please don't forget to add you name/link etc to my Dolls And Daydream Finished Dolly & Softie Directory!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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