Monday, May 7, 2012

Why so quiet?

Why so quite?! April has to be one of the craziest months for me! So what happened last month .. hmm lets see,

... it started with my Father-in-laws birthday (he's shy so no photo for him :) ) ......

On the front in Sidmouth, Devon, Uk ... Miss you both so much ... 

....then my Granddad's birthday .. then my Nanna & Grandand's wedding anniversary ... then my Nanna's birthday ....

Love you darling ♥
then it was my 10 Year Wedding Anniversary ...

..... then my beautiful Daughter's 3rd birthday .... (see top photo ♥) We had a Princess party ... Lots of fun was to be had, she changed her dress twice (just like her mother hahaha) and a special dolly made by Mummy (hence the lack of contact with you all as I didn't want to slip and spoil the surprise ... as you guessed it .. my NEW Pattern was my Daughter's 3rd Birthday Dolly!!!)

Love this photo of us, I was soooo pregnant with my daughter and yet we were off to a Livery do in London in our ball gowns  ... sooo cold outside berrrrr :)  ... and I had to stop on the way for a burger hahaha oh to be pregnant!! hahaha
.... then my Mum's birthday ....  Miss you so much Mummy!!!

Phew ..... and now it's back to work work work .. so stay tuned as I'll be posting a sneak peek of my 2 New Patterns very sooooon!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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