Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Dolls And Daydreams™!!

easy girl doll sewing pdf pattern

Happy Birthday to Dolls And Daydreams!! DO YOU KNOW it was 2 years ago to the day that I put my first doll pattern, my Easy Girl Doll Sewing Pattern, up for sale ... and she is still a favorite!!!  856 admires on Etsy love her too ... wow!   So in December I added the Easy Boy Pattern  .... and the rest is history!

Betsy Volkel Maness 2
Betsy's beautiful angels! 

Since then I've added 70+ patterns ... and had another baby  ...  WOW ....... not much sleep this end hahahaha ... helps I have insomnia I guess!!! 

sarah UK 2
Sarah's sweet chaps!

 So for those of you who tell me you are addicted to my patterns, thank you so much!!!

Chunky Monkey Unlimited 3j
Chunky Monkey Unlimited happy little girl!

As you can see I am clearly addicted to making and sharing them with you all too!

Ohana Trends 3
Ohana Trends New Best bud!

Thank you all for supporting me on my creative journey!

Chunky Monkey Unlimited 2
Chunky Monkey Unlimited happy little girl!

I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of you .....

Lauren usa
Lauren's fab friends!

.....(be it online) via my Facebook page

Bel boy au
Bel's matching mates!

and look forward to seeing your creations .....

Maria's Pretty Little Things
Maria's super sized BFF! much as you do seeing mine!!!

elaine H uk 1
Elaine's Doctor's practice patient.

 Dolls And Daydreams just wouldn't be as fun without you all!!

Chunky Monkey Unlimited 3
and two sweet sleepy heads .....

You .... Small (my heart flies when I see your little ones hugging a dolly you've made using one of my patterns) .....

ana p
Thank you Ana for your lovely e-mail it made my day!

..............  and Big (I love hearing how you have enjoyed making my patterns, I can't thank you enough for your kind e-mails) .... make it all worth it! 

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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