Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Sewing Patterns: Santa, Rudolph and all his Reindeer by You!

Amanda UK 4

Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Papai Noel, Weihnachtsmann, Kris Kringle, Old St Nick, Pere Noel,  ... will be in town soon!!! And he loves to fill his stockings with Handmade dolls and softies from his ever so clever sewing Holiday Elves! I thought I'd show you some of his favorites .... A lovely elf named Amanda made this fab Father Christmas above with two felt Teddy ornaments!

Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree sewing pattern  copy

I love my Santa Doll Sewing Pattern with his pocket filled with cute felt ornaments ... or treats for the kiddies!! I'm whipping up a set for a friend's tree as I type!

Deluli 1

But how would Santa get around without his Reindeer! My fun sewing pattern let's you make Fawns too of course! Deluli stitched up these spotty dotty stags for her kiddie-winks this year!

Luv Lil B

Luv Lil B's Reindeer are ready to roll!!!  Awww just look at that cute face closeup!

Luv Lil B 2

~Alfie Snugglers~ 2

~Alfie Snugglers~ loves the softy cuddly kind ...  wwwoooooo I just want to squeeze him!

~Alfie Snugglers~

......  but has sewn a few fun ones in cute fabric too!

gina usa 7b gina usa 7

Talking about cute take a look at Little DeMoura Designs ones! What a festive fawn she is! I think Rudolph thinks so too!

Great Big Softies

Great Big Softies chap is rather pleased with his Christmas tree tummy fabric!

Debs Dolls 3Debs Dolls

Debs Dolls Reindeer have fun Christmas fabric tummies too!

erin starkie 3a

Erin's Santa doesn't know which reindeers to use this year .. there are just too many to choose from!

Butterfly Dreams

There's Butterfly Dreams one who flies close to the stars!

Bluebelles and Butterflies

Or Bluebelles and Butterflies's fawn who is one fashionista!

here kitty kitty (au)

Or Here kitty kitty's Stag .. a dashing fellow!

Allie Brierley

Then there's Allie's Handcrafted Gifts triplets who are always up for fun!

The Little Pink Owl 5

The Little Pink Owl's cutie pie is soooo excited for Christmas day! He's asked Santa for a green scarf this year!

My Two Moos 4

My Two Moos group are wrapped up against the winter chill ... so stylish and pretty!

Neeny Beans

Talking about chill ... or should I say chilling .. Neeny Beans little darling was up late stitching a matching stocking to give to her sweetheart so .. she's taking a much deserved break!

Miss Minnie

Miss Minnie's girls love to fly like butterflies across the midnight skies .. and really hope Father Christmas picks them!!

jess (UK) xmas1

Ho Ho Ho! Just Jess's Santa (and his mini me side kick!) just can't make up their minds!

Kingston KidsKingston Kids 2

Kingston Kids Spotty Dotty Reindeer are just too cute!

Kate Creations 1

Kate Creations little chap really is very happy with himself - he's been picked!


And so has SquishyBee's Daddy Reindeer .. but baby boy has to wait till he's a wee bit bigger!

stacie s 1a

And so does Stacie's baby girl fawn.. yup she's just too small to pull a sleigh! hehehe

Tracy Scanlan

but Tracy's Diva Fawn is smiling from ear to ear ... how could Santa say no to her!

father christmas Santa softie doll sewing pattern  copy

Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful Christmas creations with me, 
I have loved seeing everyone of them!

If you'd like to pick up a Christmas Sewing Patterns find them in my Instant Download Shop Here!

Happy Handmade Holidays to everyone!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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