Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year and THANK YOU ALL!

Happy New Year Everyone!  And what an exciting year we have ahead of us, filled with lots of lovely days spent sewing and creating Daydreams!!! 
When I saw this amazing collection of 180 dolls made by Giggle Worm posted on my Facebook wall it brought a great big smile to my face.  As you all know I support Handmade Cottage Industries whole heartily so I've loved seeing her creations and watching her grow.  She started her fab shop just a few months ago and has created such an amazing range of dolls and softies ..... 
and I feel so lucky that she has chosen my patterns to do so
Thank you all for the wonderful Christmas, Holiday and New Year e-mails.  They were all so sweet and caring.  Like this fabulous photo sent to me by Jess.
"I learned to sew by making my 4 children (ages 10 months to 4 years) dolls from your patterns this Christmas, and I must say they turned out really well! It was our first Christmas together (they are all recently adopted) and I wanted to do something special - and they LOVED them."  Jess
I'm so pleased you all enjoyed making my patterns last year it really makes my day when I hear from you and see all of your amazing creations.   I'm so honored you have chosen my patterns, for yourselves, your kids, your families or to start your own cottage industry!
Congratulations to Giggleworm on her success & Jess for her new beautiful family (and the lovely blog review!)

And here's to a wonderful New Year for all of us!
 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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