Friday, May 31, 2013

Sewing Patterns for your ipad, Kindle, Tablets and Smart Phones!

You have your fabric all picked out ... you hop online and buy a Dolls and Daydreams Sewing Patterns whist sitting at your sewing machine ….. You instantly download and save it, print off only the pattern pieces and set your tablet/phone up right next to you ……. Yes, it’s true, you could be making up your new doll within 5 minutes!!! What?!?!

Of course you can see your Dolls And Daydreams patterns on your laptop or desktop computer  ..... but what if I told you ... you can view them on any device you own including your Kindle Fire, iPad, or even your Android & iPhone!  Errrrr & it's FREE!!   Oh I love technology!

Just think no more printing off the entire tutorial … ooohh the trees are squealing with delight! … simply pop your tablet/phone as Amy Lynn over at Little Kitten has above, right next to your sewing machine and ta da follow along with me!

 It is super easy and free to view your Purchased Patterns, and takes just a few steps!!!

Step 1, You can Save your patterns to a Secure Cloud or a USB flash drive/ memory stick  Once you follow step 2 & 3 you'll be able to now transfer files from your computer to your mobile device.  Hooray!

Step 2, you must download Adobe Acrobat reader for your device (Kindle Fire users don’t need to worry about this because it is already installed! Hooray!)

For your iPhone, iPad and Android device, just click here:

* On an Android, Adobe will open automatically.
* For an iPhone you need to select to “open with Adobe.” This link will help walk you through this process:

Step 3 select your already Saved Patterns ...

* Android will automatically open it in Adobe.
* For your Kindle, this can be done by selecting “Docs” from the Home page.
* For the iPhone/iPad you need to select “open with Adobe” which is better portrayed here:

Please note: ONLY view Dolls And Daydreams patterns with Adobe, other Default programs may alter them making hard/impossible for you to read … and some won’t let you print the pattern pieces and that’s no fun!

Please Remember: I'm writing this post to help those unaware of this amazing convenience to get access to their Purchased Dolls And Daydreams patterns, This is in no way endorsing the sharing of my Copyrighted Patterns (please see my policies for copyright info).  Thanks xxx

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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