Monday, September 2, 2013

Cat Mask & Tail Sewing Pattern Set Purrrrrrfect for a DIY Halloween Costume!

Cat Mask Tail Sewing Pattern Halloween black copy

My Cat Mask and Tail Sewing Pattern Set is here! This black cat set is Puuuurrrrfect for an easy DIY Halloween outfit   ... and it's funny...... anyone who wears it becomes ever so cheeky and filled with mischief hehehehe

Cat kitty Mask pattern childrens tail cute play set halloween black cat 2 copy

As you can see my daughter really got into being a cat! This was, after all, her costume request for Halloween this year!

Cat Mask pattern cute felt play dress up halloween costume black cat 2 copy

How could I say no ... with thought beautiful cat eyes looking up at me!

Cat Mask pattern felt cotton cute sweet costume dress up halloween copy

This set is quick and easy to make ... use craft felt only or add some fun cotton appliques  ... it's ever sooo easy your kids can help!

Cat Mask Pattern Set Cotton Felt Appliques copy

.... and comes in 3 sizes .. so all those Mums out there can join in the fun too!

You can find my Cat Mask & Tail Sewing Pattern Set in my

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 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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