Friday, October 18, 2013

Free Charity Easy Rag Doll Sewing Pattern - Small 10 & 8 inch dollies

I love knowing a dolly is in the hands of a child in need, my Dolly Donations Blog means so much to me!   I've had the pleasure of working with lots of lovely ladies all around the world donating Dolls made with my original Free Charity Dolly Donations Doll Sewing Pattern.  This year I was asked to design a smaller version of my original Dolly for donating to Operation Christmas Child. ....  SO please meet my Free Mini Dolly Donations doll patterns!!!

No re-sizing needed simply click and Download the New Mini Pattern HERE!

We're making 200 for OCC & Need Your Help!

Please let all your Sewing Friends Know! 

Pop over to my Dolly Donations Blog for more info!!! 

My lovely friend Karin From Australia is working with OCC this year too and had great fun sewing up the NEW Mini Charity Doll Sewing Pattern for her boxes, and now you can too!!

"I am currently doing some volunteering at OCC - they insist that every box has "something to love" and it is the single thing that kids will refer to as their favourite bit of the box. I don't think I have to tell you about the power of dolly love!!!" Karin

If you would like to help please grab My Mini Dolly Donations Free Doll Sewing Pattern and sew up a few!

Please note:  This is a Free Charity Pattern (Copyright Sarah Hanson 2013)
Please don't sell your dolls made from this pattern ...  Please give them to a child in need!

My Dolls And Daydreams Small dolls & Softies fit perfectly into boxes too :) 

Some of Karin's tiny tots for her OCC boxes this year.
Karin's favorites are Tiny Tot Dolls and my Big Boy Dino pattern reduced by 50% CUTE!
The lovely Karin who stitched up the dolly above has been donating to OCC too, and sent me these wonderful photos.

Karin reduced the Big Boy Dino down by 50% .. aww looks like Mummy & Baby!
She reduced my Big Boy Dino pattern by 50% , and simply sewed it up using the pattern as is with no seam allowance added.

Christmas is just around the corner!  
Let's make a little one smile!
 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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