Saturday, October 5, 2013

Is Summer Really Over? My Family Update!

Wow! Is summer really over?!!!  I can't believe how fast time has gone this year!  It's strange living in Sunny Arizona it doesn't feel like Fall at all ... as it's actually like Summer in the South of France at the moment!  I wake up and open the windows to a cool breeze and the sun shining!  Bliss! Not like my childhood of rainy chilly Autumn days in England  ...  although I do miss all the leaves turning ...

So much has happened this year .....

We all went back to the England, UK to visit my family in April .....  WOW they had never met my son, so it was lots of fun! We got to visit my amazing Grandparents in Devon ... That's my Nanna who taught me to sew ♥ and my Granddad (who's 95!!) who still gives the best advice ever!

Ahhhhh my kiddies got to experience a British beach ... with rock pools (oowww I loved fishing in them as a kiddy!)  .... the Donkey sanctuary (brilliant day out for the kids!) and .. the rainy English weather!

Then it was back to Sunny Az ... and my Son started pre-school!  Oh they grow up so fast! He loves it which is great ... and the two mornings he's there means Mummy gets to ..... sew!!!!  (No surprise there hahaha)

My daughter ... learnt the art of hosting Tea Parties .... ahh yes, I do love a good cuppa!  Sh'es rather bossy with her little brother ... hmmm I wonder who she takes after ;) hehehe

I do hope you all had a wonderful Summer!  Now I'm looking forward to seeing what Winter fun we'll all get up to .... along with sharing some more dolly sewing patterns with you all! xxx
 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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