Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mask Tail Costumes are Hot this month on Etsy!

diy handmade felt costumes

As you all know I love Etsy .. and what's HOT on Etsy is hot on the Handmade Market Scene! Having launched my New DIY Costume Sewing Pattern line of Masks, Tails and Wings last month ..... and having them featured by Etsy ... (super exciting!!) ..... I was tickled pink when Etsy seller BHB Kidstyle was interviewed on the Etsy blog .. why? Because she specializes in Mask & Tail dress up sets!! Hooray!   

"Dressing-up accessories are great toys to encourage imaginative play at any age, but my experience with young children is that they don’t really like dressing and undressing very often, even if it is for fun. That is why I make mask and tail sets rather than full costumes" Eva of BHB Kidsstyle.

I have to agree ... my kids and I like to dress up all year round!

With Halloween just around the corner I've had so many people asking for me to make custom sets for their kids!!! So to all my lovely Cottage Industry Ladies, if you've made some for your shop do let me know and I can fwd your name along to them!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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