Friday, October 25, 2013

Skeleton Dolls, Cat's and Dogs - all made by you!

Stitchie Wonder 
Halloween's only Days away!!!!  Have you been sewing up some spooky cuteness?  Thank you for sending me your finished Skeleton DollsSkeleton Cats and Skeleton Dogs made with my Sewing patterns! I love seeing them all! 

 Stitchie Wonder's little chap is ready for Halloween!!! Wow what a fab idea Mum! Matching Skeleton doll & costume ... yup he's ready to go trick or treating!

  Sharon E 

 And it looks like Sharon E's little girl is ready too! Here are a few more of my favorites sent in this year!


Handmade with love by Helen ... love the fabulous background fabric peeking through!

Debbie Mcewen

Handmade with love by Debbie ... this kitty looks very pleased with himself!! Hmm well he has eaten a yummy fish! 

Elizabeth w

Handmade with love by Elizabeth ... I think this skelly is blowing me kisses!

Jennifer W

Handmade with love by Jennifer .... what can I say ... that is the cutest Halloween Retro Doll Dress I've seen!!!!  And oh my her hat is brilliant!!!!  LOVE!

Lesley's frogs and fairytales

Handmade with love by Lesley ... Love the colors she picked .. and can you see the little skulls on her dolly hehehe oh the details are just brilliant! 

Luv Lil B

Handmade with love by Luv Lil B ... this Skelly Dogs collar is sooo cute! Fab idea! I love him! 

Wisp Baby

Handmade with love by Wisp Baby .... ooowww loving the colored bones on this skelly!  Looks like he could glow in the dark ;) Now there's a thought .. glow in the dark felt!

Sew Lalalovely Creations 1

Handmade with love by Sew Lalalovely Creations ..... Love how cheeky he looks!


Handmade with love by Tina .. wow now this is one glamorous skelly in her hat and tutu!

Melody & Me

Handmade with love by Melody & Me ... awww I think he needs a cuddle!


Handmade with love by Michelle ... another super cute spooky Retro Doll Dress!!!!

Lesley's frogs and fairytales 2a
Lesley's frogs and fairytales 33 Lesley's frogs and fairytales 5

All of the above were Handmade with love by Lesley's frogs and Fairytales ... wow she has been busy sewing up her wonderful skelly families!!!  So spooky cute!

Jessica A

Handmade with love by Jessica ... is Skelly Cat the side kick I wonder ;) 

Faye Hadfield 1

Handmade with love by Faye ... whose made the sweetest girlie skeleton I've ever seen! 

Chunky Monkey Unlimited

Handmade with love by Chunky Monkey Unlimited  ...  yummy .. nothing like pink fish for dinner!


Handmade with love by Mindy ... love how happy he looks! 


Handmade with love by Amanda's Skelly Cat has some pretty Day of The Dead stitching around it's face!

Erin St

Handmade with love by Erin ... loving her eyelashes! too cute!

Baby Cakes

Handmade with love by Baby Cakes Skelly Cat is sooooo CUTE!!! Loving the pink! 

Erica 1

Handmade with love by Erica ..... and a Happy Halloween Stitching from ME too!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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