Monday, July 25, 2011

Free Sewing, Knit & Crochet Baby Safe Toy Patterns

As you all know I'm baby crazy right now, and my son’s first softie had to be one of my Ribbon Tag Owlets. It's a hit!!  And so is my Mushroom Rattle that he chews and jingles all day long!

Mushroom rattle by Dolls And Daydreams
So i went on a hunt and look what I found, some really fun free patterns for you all to try!

Do you love to crochet? Why not try this oh so sweet Free Crochet Baby Rattle and Ball Pattern.

Do you love to knit? Why not try this cute Free Knit Baby Toadstool Rattle Pattern.

Or this one pattern fits all, make a doll, teddy rabbit or mouse
(please hand stitch eyes on to make them baby safe!)

Want to sew a bit more? Try this Free Sewing Baby Tag Ring Pattern.

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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