Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Goldilocks Sewing Pattern is all Finished! Hooray!!

Goldilocks doll sewing pattern

I love how different my Goldilocks Sewing Pattern is! This doll has been a joy to create right from the original design concept :) You won't see anything like her hair on other dollies, these are original DollsAndDaydreams ringlets hehehehe


Unlike the Fairy Tale, Goldie spends her day babysitting for the Three Bears and loves to eat lots of porridge when it’s cold outside....

Night night Goldilocks ..

....  and snuggle with her Baby Bear Ribbon Tag Blankie when it’s time for bed. And this bankie is super safe for your little ones to snuggle with too ... so why not make an extra one for them xxx

goldilocks and the three bears sewing pattern

..... and she just loves the Teddy Bear family! 

Play :)

ahhhhh ... there's nothing like play time together!!!

You can find my Goldilocks Sewing Pattern in 

Or in my Fairy Tale 'Goldielocks and the Three Bears' e-book pattern Play Set 
 & my Etsy Shop

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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