Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas Elf Sewing Pattern is Here!

Elf Sewing Pattern

My little Christmas Elf sewing pattern is lots of fun to make and fabulous for using up scrap fabric ..... They are the perfect size for small hands, big girls & boy’s pockets and festive hugs! These cheeky little Elves love hiding in stockings or sitting on the branches of your Christmas tree!!!

Christmas elf

Make a whole work shop of Santa’s little helpers …. with 7 different embroidery face template, adorable hats, collar and braces/suspenders!

I <3 Elves

Let's not forget the girls!!! My Elf Hat fit my Tiny Tot Doll Pattern too! (Tiny Tot Pattern Sold Separately here: )


You can find my Elf Sewing Pattern in my

& Etsy Shop

For all of my Festive Holiday Patterns Pop over to my Christmas Section of my shop!

Happy Handmade Holidays Everyone!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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