Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Guinea Pig Sewing Pattern is HERE! Hooray!

guinea pig sewing pattern

I am excited to tell you that my quick and easy Guinea Pig Sewing Pattern is HERE!  These cheeky little critters love a good snuggle or two! And no need to feed or clean their cages (Hooray shouts all the mum's out there! hahahaha)

The Perfect Pet!

guinea pig love ......

Awwwww ... both kids love their new pets! But as you can see they play with them in very different ways hahahaha

guinea pig softie

I love how you can make them out of cotton, minky, fleece, and faux fur and get different cuties each time! 
Love 'em!

guinea pig cuddles

... Did I tell you they love to Cuddle?! Hahahahaha

Find my Guinea Pig Sewing Pattern in

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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