Sunday, November 10, 2013

Swan Princess Tiara Crown

Like my Mother, my daughter has been obsessed with Ballet since she could walk .. in fact I think she would dance in my tummy when I pregnant with her ...... so I created this Swan Princess Tiara Crown especially for her (with a nod to my wonderful Mummsey who always let us follow our hearts).

My Mum gave her the 'Swan Princess' book after we went to see Swan Lake at The Royal Ballet ..... all I can say is Stunning! And so .. I have created a NEW Swan Lake Ballerina outfit for everyone's Ballerina Dollies! It comes with a NEW yummy Tutu design, top and crown ......  And as you can see .. your little one can become a Swan Princess too!

............ and I will have a NEW ITH Dolly out this week too!!!!   Well take a guess ladies ;) ..... you know we love Ballet in this house ...... so all I will say is "Let's Dance!"!!!

Sneak Peek of the entire New Sewing Ballerina Outfit and the New ITH Dolly will be up tomorrow!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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