Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Holidays! Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!

Happy Holidays Everyone! I had two very excited little ones here in Sunny Arizona, USA .... Ok ok I was just as excited as they were! Daddy had to work on the 25th (he's a fireman) so we decided to have our Christmas on Aussie time hehe!

 Thanks Santa for fitting us in early with all our Friends in the EU, AU and NZ!!!

We had a wonderful day filled with lots of love, laughter and excitement! My daughter loved the Mermaid 'Arial princess'dress Mrs Santa made her ;) ... and my son was over the moon with the roaring T-Rex (wow was that thing load at 5am in the morning hahaha)

Thank you all for your lovely get well and happy holiday wishes!
  Wishing you all a very magical time filled with lots of beautiful memories

Right it's Boxing Day here ... and us Brits love reason to celebrate!!!

Sooooo Happy Boxing Day Everyone!

... Now I bet there's a Holiday somewhere in the world we can celebrate tomorrow too ;) hehehehe

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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